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i finally finished the little lacy shawlette i started a couple months ago. it's blocking now and i'll try and get some pictures in the daylight tomorrow! i'm hoping to wear it to the ny philharmonic concert in prospect park tomorrow night. it'll be just the right size for when it gets chilly after the sun goes down!

next up on the needles is a vest out of lion organic cotton and recycled cotton. i'm not entirely sold on it yet, since the stitch count for the small is a bit off, and has you ending with half a pattern repeat before the garter stitch edging. i'm going to give it a couple more rows to see, but i may be scrapping the vest for something else - possibly just a different vest!

as for the title of this post, if you check out my queue and favs on ravelry right now (i'm transientmeow over there) you will see i have a LOT of shawls saved!!!!! i've discovered they're the perfect use for all the yummy sock yarn out there if, like me, you don't really enjoy making socks all that much! (really, why make something and then turn around and do it all again?!) i will admit you sock fiends have made the yarn store shelves overflow with beautiful yarns, and now i have projects to show them off with!

i also have a couple skeins of true laceweight - itsy bitsy stuff! those are destined for the new 'ms clarke' pattern from the first fall 2010 issue of knitty, and the 'laminaria' shawl from a couple issues back. haven't started either one, but am definitely looking forward to it!


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